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Data Breaches

Were You Part of a Data Breach? Compromised Emails, Account Hacks, and Bad Passwords There's nothing scarier than the things lurking in the shadows of the [...]

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition The Duality of Biometric Technology Welcome to the dystopian future that is facial recognition technology. Most of us willingly expose ourselves to this technology daily. [...]

Branded Search

Branded Search Using Your Competitor's Name as a Keyword As a digital marketing company, we get tons of questions about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Most of [...]

Emotional Marketing

Emotional Marketing The Dynamic Nature of Emotional Marketing Emotions are a polarizing thing. Some of us feel like they’re a burden, something that we have to control and repress. [...]

PMG Staff Picks

Business Apps, Movies, and More PMG Staff Picks: The Best in Business If you haven’t noticed, we really love all things media. And it just so happens that [...]

Black Hat SEO

Recently, we were on a conference call with a client. He's in a highly competitive tech field, and his company is up against others that operate nationwide. Our client [...]