Data-driven Digital Marketing


At Pesola Media Group, we understand that successful digital marketing requires advanced website analytics. So, we help companies measure their website performance and work towards their business goals.

Think of web analytics as the force that empowers informed business decisions. Website analytics deliver superior data about your visitors and their engagement habits. It’s a 360-view of your web traffic. Once you have the data, you can define key metrics to identify patterns. That way, you can spot new opportunities and drive sales to the right people at the right time.

Website Analytics


Set goals that define your success and develop a well-informed hypothesis on how to reach these goals. With web analytics, you can generate sales leads, grow your website, expand your brand, and create customer conversion again and again. Continuously measure, analyze and optimize the customer experience.


Collect the right metrics about your online visitors and their behavior


Understand web traffic results derived from all your strategic efforts


Grow your business, adapt, and make the most out of your investment

Website Analytics

Google Analytics

You’ve worked hard to ensure your site is user-friendly. Google Analytics measures precisely how your users are interacting with your site. With Google analytics, you have direct access to user flow, audience behaviors demographics, page view duration, and other vital statistics.

Website Traffic

The first step to understanding your website’s traffic is creating a Google Analytics account.

Our web team can establish an account and install your unique tracking code. This tracking code is the heart to all your website’s data. Our website analytics team is highly experienced in installing Google Analytics tracking codes for websites. It’s our priority to make sure your Google Analytics account and code are correctly set up, to give you the most accurate website data possible.