Graphic Design Case Study


After serving in the Civil War, Pharmacist John Pemberton was searching for commercial success. He decided to try his luck in the growing industry of soda fountain beverages, creating the iconic Coca-Cola in 1886. Unfortunately, his success as a beverage manufacturer was short-lived, as he passed away in 1888. The fruit of his labor lives on through the booming success of today’s Coca-Cola Company.

Founded in 1951, Circle K is an international chain of convenience stores and a partner to The Coca-Cola Company. Circle K plays a significant role in the promotion of Coca-Cola beverages because of their distribution of their product nationwide.


Through their partnership with Circle K, Coca-Cola wanted an effective way to promote their acai-blueberry-pomegranate Vitamin Water. Coca-Cola was striving to convince customers to select Polar Pops at Circle K, filled with this specific flavor of Vitamin Water. Ultimately, Coca-Cola envisioned an eye-catching print ad that would quench consumers’ thirst.    


Within two weeks’ time, Pesola Media Group constructed a hip advertisement to meet both Coca-Cola and Circle K’s marketing needs. The advertisement is simple, yet effective with its vibrant color scheme and playful wording. The Vitamin Water advertisement was featured in Circle K gas stations nationwide. Developing this ad for Coca-Cola further increased the company’s trust in Pesola Media Group’s dedication and talent as a marketing agency. Pesola Media Group proudly designs for Coca-Cola still to this day.