2019 Digital Marketing Trends

A Year in Review

Throughout 2019, we’ve paid particular attention to digital marketing trends. After unwrapping this year’s happenings, we’ve made a noteworthy conclusion. It’s a transformative time in the industry. In the past 12 months, we’ve seen some significant changes to the way influential designers, content creators, marketers, and business owners approach their work.

With the year quickly coming to a close, it’s time to reflect on the most prominent digital marketing trends of 2019. We’ve cataloged our top industry trends and focused on the way they’ve changed the course of digital marketing for the future. Let’s take a closer look.


Isometric Designs

2019 is the year web designers threw minimalism in the trash. Minimal design has officially fallen. As a result, isometric designs have been on the rise. Unless you’ve completely unplugged your devices this past year, you have seen these 3D vector illustrations on someone’s website. Isometric icons are absolutely everywhere in the design world.

This style has gained so much popularity because it’s whimsical and colorful, a stark contrast to the flat designs of past trends. If we had to describe this trend in one word, it would be contradictory. Designs are simple, clean, and precise. At the same time, they’re heavily stylized and don’t rely on a realistic perspective. This contradiction makes isometric designs the perfect maps and infographics. The skewed perspective makes complex information easy to digest without feeling cluttered or overwhelming.

Isometric Computer Design


Voice Search

Welcome to the next generation of SEO. Say hello to Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. The fast adoption of smart speakers has given way to new searching behavior, known as conversational search. Queries have become longer and informal, like natural dialog.

Because of this behavior, we have to rethink the way we frame our content. Conversational search queries are usually posed as questions such as, “Where’s a nearby restaurant that serves mac and cheese?” and “Do they have gluten-free noodles?” These questions are precise and require exact answers. As a result, we have personally seen a rise in our SEO clients, specifically those looking for schema development to support voice search.


IG Stories

Stories have undoubtedly become the most significant trend in social media. Influencers jumped on board soon after the feature was launched in 2016. Now, big brands and average consumers are catching up. Over 500 million use Instagram Stories each day. It’s safe to say this is the beginning of a social media movement.

This increase in popularity signifies a change in consumer attitudes. Social media marketing has shifted towards humanization. Instead of professionally produced videos, audiences now favor amateur content creation. Rather than making your brand seem untouchable, people want to see the raw, unedited side of your business. Users expect content to be relatable and casual, and these videos perfectly align with their expectations.

Instagram Stories Heart Eyes Scale



Graphic design is in a transitionary period. As with web design, everything in the graphic design word is becoming more ornate. We see bold colors, experimental compositions, photomontages, serif fonts, metallics, and 3D designs. This is a major stray from the flat, stark look of past trends.

Minimalism reigned supreme for nearly a decade. Now designers are easing into decadence and excess. Ignore functionality. Forget about Helvetica. White space, who? Maximalism is a direct reaction against minimalism. This style is characterized by the courage to break the rules—clashing colors, hand-drawn patterns, and overall absurdity.

The Lanskies Hot Wave Abstract Poster

Gosia Stalinski


Corporate Social Responsibility

2019’s corporate social responsibility efforts are a direct effect of 2018 corporate scandals. Major tech brands were outed for their questionable, intrusive, and illegal behavior. Google, YouTube, and WhatsApp are just a few of the big players that made headlines.

However, Facebook dominated the headlines in 2018. They were hit by scandal after scandal—political propaganda, Cambridge Analytica, and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—to name a few. Millions of Facebook users worldwide were affected in the process, and the company was fined for billions of dollars.

As a result, companies in 2019 have shifted their focus from damage control to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The objective is to appear compassionate, genuine, and ethical by promoting positive outcomes. Among the top causes are education, social justice, and sustainability. Of course, Facebook has heavily promoted its CSR campaign too. Facebook Sustainability is a sect of the company specifically dedicated to renewable energy.


What will be next year’s hottest digital marketing trend? Stay tuned for our 2020 trend predictions.

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